Hello world!

I think it’s about time I introduce myself to the world wide web. Kaye, my beautiful partner, has been blogging for two years now 扑克 and has already branched out to blog designing. We decided it’s high time for me to join her and be partners in business as well.

You see, ever since I was a little boy, I would draw on any available surface. Drawing has been a passion ever since I can remember, and I’m just glad now that with the plans me and Kaye have concocted, I will be able to put my talent to good use for the family.

So yeah. This is my first post ever. And yes, that’s me on the right. I’ve started experimenting with portrait illustrations, see how it pans out. I’ve already collected a handful of willing guinea pigs for this experiment, starting with Kaye. I hope she likes what I will do about her picture.

I hope you join me in this exciting journey towards bettering myself in writing and discovering all the joys of Adobe Illustrator. I hope to share all of the things I learn along the way, and give away freebies from time to time, so do follow my site! I promise to keep things interesting, so you have something new to look forward to every time you come to visit. Enjoy your stay!