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Christmas Nail Designs: Try These Out


Let your nails also join the festive Christmas celebration! Beyond the Christmas tree decoration, your nails also deserve a merry makeover too. With these Christmas nail art ideas. you can glam up for every holiday bash, family gathering, or cookie exchange.

There are number of ways to elevate your favorite nail hues to jolly new heights. Romantic souls who binge-watch Hallmark movies might lean towards classic shades speckled with holly, mistletoe, and wreaths. For those sipping cocoa and singing carols, a cozy plaid print can give your nails a snug makeover. These Christmas nail designs offer inspiration that’ll have your fingertips joining the holiday festivities in style.

Check out these various types of Christmas nail designs to try.

Snowflakes nail art design

The image shows a woman’s hand with red and white nails that have snowflakes on them. The nails are the main focus of the image, and they are displayed prominently in the center.

Christmas Red and White Nails

Decorate your nails with this red and white color. The vibrant colors wrap around her nails, creating a stunning visual contrast

Christmas Designs with Matte White Nails

The candystick art on the matte white nails adds a sophisticated touch to this festive christmas design.

Red and White Snowflakes design

The snowflake design on the red nails add a cuteness to the nail along with the red, brown and white color.