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About me


Hi, my name is Susrut. I live in a small town in India with my family with my business running in Dubai, UAE. I am a coder who loves crafting. Hope you find value from the website.

I started my designing and coding journey around 17 years back in the year 2006. I developed expertise in Macromedia Flash, 3D Designing and Adobe Flex to design rich internet applications. After the end of the flash era, I decided to jump into Javascript and developed the first online HTML5 T-Shirt Designer app in 2008 and many more award winning applications in various sectors. I setup my first software development company in the year 2009 and then went on to work with several software client and product development.

Vectordad story

I have always been into UI designing and stuff but my love for crafting started in 2019 when I bought a Silhouette Cameo. I absolutely loved the possibilities. By that time I already owned a website named which was an online app to convert pngs to vector svg files. The website became quite popular among the crafting community. In the year 2022, we started a small team with a vision to create, a website that could be the amazon for crafters. Vectordad has become the #1 Source Of FREE Online Vector Designing Apps, Mockups, Templates, And More. For any suggestions, ideas or concerns please feel free to contact us.