DXF File


Pros and Cons of DXF file:

  • They can exchange data between different programs; hence they are highly compatible. 
  • A DXF file is capable of saving vector data. Therefore, You can easily scale them and manipulate them.
  • DXF files can be easily created, viewed, measured, and converted to other file formats.
  • You can publicly document these files as they are open source. 
  • They are complex in design; hence they consume a lot of space.
  • They are widely compatible but do not support all the features of compatible programs.

Uses of DXF files:

  • You can use DXF files in a variety of industries to create photorealistic models for marketing campaigns.
  •  In the CAD world, DXF files can be used to solve any compatibility issues for artists and engineers. 

How to edit DXF files?

You can edit a DXF file in AutoCAD, Microsoft Visio, Adobe Illustrator, Autodesk Inventor, and SolidWorks. Here, we will discuss a few of them. 

Adobe Illustrator

  • Open Adobe Illustrator CS on your computer.
  • Then click on File > Export. Now, the Export dialog box will be on the screen of your computer..
  • You can select (*.DXF) from the Save as type list.
  • Now click onn the  Save button to create a DXF file.
To export your design as a DXF file, you can choose options like AutoCAD Version, Scale, Number of Colors, and Preserve Appearance.

Autodesk Inventor

  • Open Save As > Save Copy As.
  • You have to select DXF files (*.dxf) to create a DXF file from the Save as type list.

How to Customize the DXF file

To customize the DXF export configuration, you need to click on the Options button In the lower-left corner of the Save Copy As dialog box. You can configure the DXF file the way you want by choosing the default one or creating a new one. To choose the version, you can click on the File Version. Then you can click on the Next button to see the Export Destination dialog box where you can set up data scaling options and mapping options. Here, you can save the configuration and use it the next time to create a DXF file.