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T-Shirt Printing: A Complete Guide


In today’s world, T-shirt Printing has become a medium of self-expression with a lot of creativity such as slogans, photographs, and art on display.T-Shirts are basically a type of clothing that is stretchy, light, and inexpensive that is mostly preferred in modern times. In the past few decades, printed T-shirts have been used as a standard form of marketing by major brands for consumer attraction. The transition of an idea of a design to the actual cloth material demands a lot of planning and execution efforts when a good quality product like a T-shirt is your destination. There will definitely be a lot of challenges and constraints while using t-shirts as a medium of creative designs due to the cloth material, print processes, and the quality of the inks used. But, knowing the difficult part is just the beginning, we will ensure that you get the best solutions to overcoming your issues.

Here are some methods of T-shirt printing


The most common form of commercial T-shirt printing is screen printing. In this method, a design is separated into different colors. Water-based inks and plastisol are applied through mesh screens which deposit the ink in the desired areas. In this method, specific colors needed in the design are used. Process printing is best suited for light-colored shirts. Plastisol provides the best quality of ink which is more durable and stretchable than water-based inks and is preferred in the majority of cases due to its ability of printing on different colors without the need for adjustment in designing level. Shimmer, Puff, and Chino are some good quality inks available. There are many other ways of decorating T-shirts like Airbrush, Applique, Heat transfers and dye sublimation, etc. Screen printing has higher setup costs and the unit production cost is higher. Bulk production can bring down the cost which will be beneficial from an economic perspective.


This form of printing originated centuries ago in the Asian and African subcontinents. In India, famous forms of this include Bandhani and in Japan, shibori is famous. In the US, it got popular during the hippie movement. A downside of dyes is that the colors can easily be damaged during washing in warm water.


It is a polyurethane material that allows designers to create unique designs using special software. After the creation of the design, it is cut using a special vinyl cutter. There are different colors available in rolls and sheets. After this, weeding is done in which the area which does not represent the design is picked and removed so that the required design is achieved. The final product is smooth to the touch, the edges being clean and having high contrast.


It is a digital printing technology that is directly printed in the garment using full colors and in this process generally polyester-based t-shirts are preferred. This is a comparatively newer technology in which unlimited colors can be used with the help of special printers, unlike screen printing which requires different screens for each color. The print has more vibrancy than most standard printers and color fading is minimal, but synthetic fabrics must be preferred. The best feature here is that the design is not printed on the top of the cloth, but permanently dyed into the cloth which ensures permanent print and zero chances of fade. This process is economically better as well because the unit cost is similar for fewer or more requirements. Now the big question here arises how will the quality be when you print your design on the applicable cloth, here fabric being a better absorbent the inks get more absorbed in the cloth material than it does on paper. This makes the ink color look more attractive than it does on paper. Here, light-colored t-shirts must be generally preferred over dark-colored ones. Printed T-shirts are flexible to all types of climatic conditions and they can be both dry washed or washed at home. Ink quality must definitely be kept in mind for long-term usage of the t-shirt. The most preferred are plastisol and water-based ink. Keeping in mind all the above points, doing the desired print on your T-shirt is really important for consumers. Personalized customization in T-shirts is mostly less risky because you have the freedom of choosing the print or maybe even designing the same. Almost all the small and big companies generally prefer having their logo or brand name written on their employee’s clothes, some also prefer selling them as merchandise as it is a very easy and efficient way for brand promotion and marketing.


Well, generally this domain has been in demand in the past few years due to the rise of customized products in the general public. Due to this reason, there are a lot of small and big players in this industry. But the ones that can be recommended and generally preferred by the masses include:-

1. ShirtCotton – It is a top online blank clothing supplier which sells at wholesale rates even below 2$. If you want to purchase clothing products in bulk, you should go with this brand as they are spread over the entire US. You will also get free shipping on orders above 99$.

2. BellaCanvas – It is a wholesale as well as a retail blank T-shirt brand selling USA-made products best recommended for personalized printing. Its catalog consists of hoodies, polo shirts, and fleece for all categories. Its production factories have heavy duty efficient automated machinery for producing its high-quality material. Source: bellacanvas

3. Needen – It is a great website to purchase all brand-related products like jackets, long sleeves, bags, etc at the lowest prices. Shipping is free for orders above 149$ only. Source: needen

4. Wordans -It is one of the fastest-growing textile wholesalers in the blank clothing domain, its products are best for customization for everyone from a big company, a printing shop, or even a simple consumer. It also provides one of the best consumer services. Source: wordans

5. Cotton Connection – It is an all-in-one source for your apparel and hosiery needs and their garments are best suited for screen printers, wholesalers, and promotional product companies at the starting cost of just 1$ only. Source: cottonconnection

6. Apparel N Bags – It is one of the largest wholesale providers of blank apparel, caps, bags, and promotional products best suited for the printing business. It is established in Houston, Texas. Free shipping is available for orders above 149$.

7. Royal Apparel – It is a New York-based clothing manufacturer which offers a wide range of clothing styles which supplies to both small and big companies. It is the company on which you can rely for superior quality products. Free shipping is available for orders above 250$. Source:royalapparel

8. ePacific Sports – It was founded in 1992 and has become one of the largest T-shirt providers, with most of its fabric built in USA. It delivers cotton and cotton blended garments which would be the best possible color and shrinkage control facilities.

9. Gildan – Gildan is a Canadian manufacturer of branded clothing, including undecorated blank activewear such as t-shirts, sports shirts, and fleeces which can be decorated by screen printing with designs and logos. Source: gildanbrands

10. Fruit of the loom – It is an American company that manufactures clothing and printable T-shirts and fleece for the activewear industry, casualwear, womenswear, and childrenswear. It is one of the most popular brands available online on websites like Amazon. It generally makes 100% cotton clothes. Source: fruit


Which printing method is used for t-shirts?

Screen printing is done. Vinyl heat transfer, Sublimation, and dying are the various processes.

Which T-shirt printing is good for better quality products?

Generally, Sublimation is the best method for printing t-shirts as it offers premium quality due to its color vapourising technique. This process is economically viable as well because the unit production cost is very less.

What is the purpose of T-shirt printing?

It is the fastest way for brand advertisement and is economically affordable as well. Besides this, choosing the right method of printing and good quality cloth material will guarantee a better quality of the product.

Which material is best suitable for printing?

There are various types of fabrics available in the market which can be used. Generally, cotton is preferred for its high absorbency rate and soft and comfortable feel.

What are the things to keep in mind during the process of T-shirt printing?

1.Choosing an appropriate cloth material(cotton and polyester are the most preferred) and choosing a good design should also be kept in mind as that is the ultimate goal.

2.The size of the T-shirt must also be kept in check and the placement of the artwork needs to be looked after.

3.The color must be attractive and a good quality of ink must be preferred.


T-shirt printing is completely risk-free as the design can be customized while it’s in making. With so many available designs, styles, cloth materials, and inks it is actually a bit complicated to find the right mix of all the elements to get the best possible desired results. Understanding the challenges and solving them can help in getting the optimum desired results and help in improving the quality of the end product. This was all about the process of printing on T-shirts. We have tried to give a complete guide and also recommended the best possible ways of doing the same. Hope this article finds you well. Thank you and have a nice day…