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Halloween SVG: Free Printable Patterns & Templates


Free printable halloween SVG pattern, templates, and clip art for crafters and DIY projects. Use these patterns on ornaments, decorations, or as coloring pages, scroll saw patterns, cutting machines (Cricut and Silhouette) etc.

Use these printable Halloween patterns, and templates and your own ornaments and decorations, as well as decals, wall stickers, and stencils by cutting machines (Cricut and Silhouette). You need to use the stencils also for painting and coloring stencils. You can also use them for sewing and quilting, for woodworking patterns, and for craft projects. These patterns or designs can be downloaded in SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format. These SVG format files can be converted to other formats like DXF, JPG, PNG, and EPS using the converters.

Printable Halloween Patterns

halloween ghost template cricut svg download file Halloween Ghost
pumpkin silhouette design svg Silhouette Pumpkin
witch halloween cricut pattern svg download Witch Pattern
owl silhouette template cricut svg Silhouette Owl
scared cat halloween cricut svg Scared Cat
crow template cricut svg pattern Crow Template
lizard halloween template cricut Lizard Silhouette
spider halloween template Spider Pattern
silhoutte skull template Skull Template


We are constantly working on enhancing by adding new template designs. If you experience any issues or you have any new designs to add here, feel free to contact us at

Use of Vector Designs

When you design your home using vector art, it can create a unique mood and create stunning wall decorations or various craft projects. Since this technique also allows you to produce high-quality coloring books, crochet patterns for anion, drawing, and painting, SVG files (for Silhouette and Cricut cutting machines), hobbies, holiday crafts, needlecrafts, woodworking projects, school printables, scrapbooking, sign-making, nail-art and also for various types of DIY arts and crafts. Also, it’s a good practice for online sales.

Examples of equipment for decoration include aprons, t-shirts, blankets, backpacks, Christmas cards, Christmas stockings, coffee mugs, doormats, gifts, glass, luggage, mugs, napkins, necklaces, pajamas, pillows, robes, shirts, socks, stationeries, towels, and so on.

Materials on which vector designs can be applied

Geometric overlays are represented in the form of vector images. They may be laminated, mounted, and printed on any surface of your choice. They may be laminated on cardboard, billboard stock, cardstock, chipboard, canvas, construction paper, felt, foam, glass, leather, metal, notebook paper, paper, parchment paper, photo paper, plastic, plexiglass, poster board, rubber, steel, vinyl, wax paper, wood, or any surface of your choosing.