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Vermont County Map: Editable & Printable State County Maps

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Below are the FREE editable and printable Vermont county map with seat cities. These printable maps are hard to find on Google. They come with all county labels (without county seats), are simple, and are easy to print. This Vermont county map is an essential resource for anyone seeking to explore and gather more information about the counties of the state.

TIPS: Follow the step by step help tutorial on how to edit and download the county map effectively.

Listed below are the different types of Vermont county map. Click on the “Edit Download” button to begin.

1. Vermont County Map (Multi-colored)

Vermont multi colored County Map, Vermont county map, County map of Vermont, Printable State Map with County Lines download free USA states

Vermont multi colored county map.

2. Printable Vermont County Map Outline with labels

Free printable Vermont county map outline with labels,Vermont county map, County map of Vermont, state, outline, printable, shape, template, download, USA, States

Vermont county map outline with labels.

3. Vermont Colored Blank County Map

Free Vermont colored blank county map,Vermont county map, County map of Vermont, printable, state, outline, shape, county lines, pattern, template, download, USA, States

Vermont colored blank county map.

4. Vermont County Outline Map

Free printable Vermont county outline map with border, Vermont county map, County map of Vermont,state, outline, printable, shape, template, download,USA, States

Vermont county outline map with border.

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We are constantly working on the enhancment by adding various new templates. If you experience any issues or you have any suggestions for us with this editor tool, feel free to contact us at

The templates includes Vermont multi colored county map, Vermont county map outline with labels, Vermont colored blank county map, and Vermont county outline map with border. Please share with us any templates that you would like us to add to the gallery.

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Vermont county map, whether editable or printable, are valuable tools for understanding the geography and distribution of counties within the state. Printable maps with county names are popular among educators, researchers, travelers, and individuals who need a physical map for reference or display. They can be used in classrooms for teaching geography, in offices for planning and analysis, or as wall maps for decoration.With their customizable and printable features, The maps of Vermont counties provide flexibility and convenience for users to use maps with county area boundaries that meet their specific needs. Whether used for educational, professional, or personal purposes.

List of 14 Vermont counties with seat cities

  1. Addison County – Middlebury
  2. Bennington County – Bennington
  3. Caledonia County – St. Johnsbury
  4. Chittenden County – Burlington
  5. Essex County – Guildhall
  6. Franklin County – St. Albans
  7. Grand Isle County – North Hero
  8. Lamoille County – Hyde Park
  9. Orange County – Chelsea
  10. Orleans County – Newport
  11. Rutland County – Rutland
  12. Washington County – Montpelier
  13. Windham County – Newfane
  14. Windsor County – Woodstock

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State County Maps (Printable State Maps with County Lines)

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Did you know: Vermont is the leading producer of maple syrup in the United States and is known for its maple trees and the tradition of harvesting sap to make delicious maple syrup.


It’s super easy and fun to edit and download county map in no time. Choose the shape templates, click the edit/download button and follow the steps below.

1. Change color:

Change the map color from the color picker (e.g., red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, brown, gray or grey, black, white, beige, turquoise, gold, silver, lavender, indigo, magenta, maroon, olive, teal, navy, peach, cream, crimson, fuchsia, chartreuse, coral, khaki, mauve, rust, salmon, tan, violet, burgundy, chocolate, slate, taupe, eggplant, or forest green) to switch between different colors. The color change directly reflects the stage.

2. Enter the Pixel:

Next, enter the pixel size of the downloaded image to maximum upto 6000.

3. Download the final output:

Apply the above changes and download the final output as a high-quality PNG image or JPG image or PDF or vector SVG file format for your next great project.